Post of Epimas Past

As widely known as the tale of the first Epimas is, there is still quite a lot of this holiday’s rich history that most folks don’t know about. For instance, do you know why the Epimas tree is traditionally trimmed with elephants and monsters? Or why we burn the Jenga log? Or why mistletoe = makeout session?

Some fun Epimas facts to dazzle your friends with:

  • The eight days of candle lighting is a remembrance of that wondrous time in 1987 when George and Gary Peterson invited several friends over to their parent’s basement to play an Axis & Allies game that miraculously only lasted eight days.
  • Charles Dickens wrote his classic tale  An Epimas Carol. In Prose. Being A Ghost Story of Epimas in a single night! It was after a particularly brutal, railroad-y game of Dungeons & Dragons, the DM of which was the inspiration for the iconic Ebenezer Scrooge. Since there were no blogs to rant on in 1843, he had no choice but to create this literary treasure in order to passive-aggressively hint to his DM that there might be better ways to run the game.
  • In 1914, in the bloody chaos of World War I, German troops in the trenches in Ypres, Belgium, began singing traditional Epimas carols. The spirit of the holiday was infectious and in a matter of hours soldiers on both sides of the lines ventured forth to play games with one another. High ranking military officials feared that the truce would hold when it lasted almost into the new year. But on the last day of the year, an English soldier sat down with his two new German friends to play a friendly game of Settlers of Catan; but his insistence on using the red tokens resulted in a rules argument that reignited the war.